Tie Rack And Tie Holder A Closet Storage Solutions

tie 2

Are your ties driving you crazy? 

Do they keep falling off your tie rack and landing on the floor of the closet?

Desperate for an easy, low cost solution ?

You can’t find a decent well-balanced hanger for your ties in the closet?

Then you need the Aristocrat Homewares Necktie Hanger Cross

This compact quality hanger is a beautifully designed unit that will always look good and stay evenly balanced in your wardrobe

The hanger can store up to 20 ties, and unlike most tie hangers, it does not tilt to one side if the ties are unevenly stored.

The clips on the pegs keep the ties securely in place preventing them from falling off

The hanger also turns a full 360 degrees making your ties always easily accessible

Because of its unique design, the Hanger Cross takes up very little space in the closet, whilst efficiently storing a large number of your ties.

It is ideal for those who are unable to install a fixed tie hanger in their closet

It is such a neat and tidy unit, that it would also be ideal for the travelling businessman – folds up into a small compact unit for easy packing.

The Necktie Hanger Cross is:-

– Constructed from ABS Resin
– Size:- 5.1 inches wide x 11.4 inches high x .59 inches deep
– Color:- Black
– Capacity:- Holds up to 20 ties
– Hook rotates 360 degrees

Don’t be fooled by its size – this tie rack packs a big punch when it comes to storing your ties

The Necktie Hanger Cross is backed by a no-hassle FREE replacement limited one-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Aristocrat Homewares is a small independent company dedicated to finding top quality products designed to solve many of the small storage problems of the home and garage.

Click Here to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Necktie-Hangers-Organizer-Non-slip-Solutions/dp/B00FIXI1FA


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