Hanging Storage Solution for the Home

In our limited space homes space saving can become critical. Meticulous use of this Over the Door House hold Organizer can keep all the small but essential items handy and organized; it canalso save a lot of space.

Here is the innovative Over the Door House hold Organizer from Aristocrat Homewares.This handy household Home organizer has been designed to solve the problem of space adjustment in limited area apartment Home as well as to add to the home décor. This versatile household organizer is available only on Amazon.com and it is one of the best buys you can have for keeping your apartment organized. Let’s look at the attractive features of this multiple pocket hanger, which you can use as a household storage unit.

It has bigger and roomier pockets

This household organizer is big enough to give excellent storage. It has twenty-fourlarge pockets each of whichis roomy enough to accommodate size 13 men’s sneaker with ease. Here you can store all your household nitty-gritties so that you can get to themeasily.

The Over the Door Organizer is made of durablefabric

This organizer can be used for manystorage problems. Madewithextremely durable 600D Oxford woven polyester fabric with heavy duty stitching, it comes with 4 slim line hooks which can support up to 44 pounds of weight. Instead of the usual cardboard as the normal support at the top of the hanger, this Over the Door Organizer has MDF board which ensures more durability which, in turn, will provide a long lasting product. It is said by its users, that the strength of this over the door hanger also makes it suitable for other uses such as for camping and caravanning, as well as solving storage problems in the garage.


It’s versatile too

The uniqueness of this heavy duty hanger is its versatility. It can be used for many purposes. Not only shoes and household goods, you can use it as a storehouse for your kid’s toys, kitchen tools, stationery items, medicines, as well as for keeping study related items. Because it can be hung anywhere, it can be used in any room or even in a store room or closet.

An extra care will extend its service life

The over the door hanger is washable and comes with a free microfiber cloth to help keep it clean. As with all one’s belongings, cared for, this hanger will give the home owner with many years of service.

Your purchase is secured

Like all ArtistocratHomeware products, this heavy duty and attractive Over the Door Organizers covered with a five year guarantee from its manufacturers. 100% satisfaction guarantee is assured by Aristocrat Homewares. Available only on Amazon and with Free Shipping with Prime.


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