Tie Care Tips

Once you have purchased some ties, it is vital that you take some steps to make sure that they remain in pristine condition at all times, as this will increase their longevity and keep them looking at their best. Here are a few simple steps that you should take in order to perfectly preserve your ties, and thus extend their usefulness.
Storing your Ties

When storing your ties it is vital that you do this with the utmost care possible in order to avoid damage and creasing, so it is advisable to make use of a tie rack or hanger. These are available in a number of outlets and online, and at good prices, making them a sound investment for the tie aficionado.

Once you have removed your tie, you should waste no time in placing it on to the tie rack or hanger in order to avoid damage. Once your ties are placed on to the hanger, make sure that you store the hangar inside your wardrobe, as this helps to prevent the kind of color fading that can take place if ties are left in direct sunlight for long periods.

tie 1 resize

Caring for your Ties

When it comes to handling your ties, you should make sure that your hands are clean and free of grease, as this can cause damage that will be permanent. To avoid snagging, make sure that your finger nails are neatly trimmed. So long as your ties are stored correctly, you should find that creases disappear naturally, and it is not a good idea to iron a tie, as this can also cause permanent damage.

Try to keep your tie collection as free from dust and grime as possible. Nevertheless, there may be times when ties become stained, and there are a few steps that you can take in order to get them back to their former glory. If a tie becomes stained, try to remove the stain as soon as possible by rubbing the stain with a damp cloth. If that does not work, try using a stain remover that is appropriate for the material your tie is made from. As a last resort, it may require a treatment at a dry cleaners, although, this is a procedure that could damage the tie permanently, so it really should be the last resort.

So long as you take the necessary steps to preserve your ties, there is no reason why they cannot remain looking stylish and smart for years.


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