Shoe Organizer Great Idea as Gift for Recent Graduates

For those wanting to find an ideal gift for high school graduates that would be useful in their college dorm room, the shoe organizer sold by Aristocrat Homewares offers a great storage solution and gift idea.

New high school graduates may need to focus on college preparation, including signing up for classes, pursuing scholarships, and packing for their college dormitories. While most of these needs have to be done by the grad themselves, family and friends of recent high school graduates can always help with ensuring their loved one has the most organized college dormitory room possible. In order to make this happen, Aristocrat Homewares has their Over the Door Shoe Organizer, which functions as a multi-purpose storage solution perfect for college dorms.

The Aristocrat Homewares Over-the-Door Organizer offers a 5 year money back guarantee as part of their care for customer satisfaction as well as of ensuring the high quality and durability of their organizer. For those wanting to get the practical gift for new grads, the Over the Door Shoe Organizer offers not only the means to organize one’s wardrobe, but also many other items that one takes with them to college. The sturdy hanger, which can hold up to 44 pounds, can also function as a place to store jewelry/makeup/nail polish, school supplies, healthy snacks, and much more. The creative storage options in a college dormitory usage are many. The hanger can be washed so that even if the new graduate isn’t well known for keeping their room tidy, they will be able to keep their hanger and items clean and stored neatly.

Product usage beyond that in the college dormitories and shoe storage includes children’s toys, caravan/camper storage, and other home storage uses that make life a easier. For more information about Aristocrat Homewares’ Over the Door Shoe Organizer which could make a great graduation gift, or to purchase some today, visit their Amazon product page at


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