Aristocrat Homewares is proud to announce the arrival of their new Compact Belt Hanger – now available on Amazon

Keeping belts neat and tidy can be a problem.  A lot of belt racks become unbalanced if you don’t store the ties evenly.  This means they can easily fall on the floor of the closet.  Some belt racks can also take up a lot of space, which also can be a problem where there is limited closet space. There are two basic options in the style of belt racks, either wall or closet mounted and hanging. The choice of course depends on a person’s own unique requirements. For many people, installing a wall mounted unit is not an option, especially where space is limited or they are living in a rental property. If this is the case, then the only alternatives are folding the belts in a drawer or finding a suitable hanger.


As part of their range Aristocrat Homewares has included the Compact Belt Hanger which is an interestingly designed belt rack that can hold up to 14 belts. Unlike many belt rack hangers, the Compact Belt Hanger’s design provides a well- balanced unit that will not tilt even if the belts are stored unevenly. This is very important in keeping the belts off the floor.

The 360 degree turn of the hanger makes each belt easily accessible. Two slots cut into the solid one piece hanger also allows storage of belts with solid buckles

The Belt Hanger is black and made from one piece of polypropylene, the only moveable piece is the hanger. As always,

Aristocrat Homewares support this product with a non- hassle FREE replacement guarantee if not one hundred percent satisfied.


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