Voice-activated Rainbow Night Light from Salsa and Gigi soothes infants, toddlers

Parents are conditioned to quickly respond to their little one’s cry in the night, but the time it takes to rouse from sleep and get to a child’s room can seem like an eternity. And mom or dad’s choices once they make it to their child’s room range from flipping on a bright overhead light to stumbling and fumbling in the dark.

Salsa and Gigi offer a perfect solution: their voice-activated Rainbow Night Light. Battery-operated, the colorful, but softly glowing light comes on to sounds like a baby’s cry, a toddler’s clap or even a finger snap. The light also can be turned on with a tap, making it easy to quietly check on a sleeping child without making the room too bright. Salsa and Gigi’s Rainbow Night Light also offers comfort as a child drifts off to sleep with an automatic turn-off function.

When activated by a sound or a tap, the light stays on for 30 seconds. When it’s not in use, the light is the perfect decorative addition to a child’s bedroom.

Salsa and Gigi’s Rainbow Night Light is available on Amazon.com and can be wall mounted or free-standing on a dresser or shelf. A set of whimsical wall stickers are included with the light. Parents can rest easy knowing the Salsa and Gigi Rainbow Night Light is made with non-toxic materials and is energy-efficient. BPA-, phthalate- and flame retardant chemical-free and cool to the touch since its LED light is powered by four AA batteries (purchased separately).



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