Producing Your Belt Hanger Organizer a 360 Degree Turnaround

Tired of having your belts fall down to the ground all the time or having to unhook so many belts before getting to your liked one? Does it rub you the wrong way when you can not appear to find the belt you wish to wear and you are running late? Well, stress no more for your saving grace is at hand! A belt rack with an overall design is here to answer your plea for closet organization. Made from stiff polypropylene, this belt hanger is made to withstand the test of time to offer you faithful service through the years.


Made compact, this belt hanger has a well thought out design that takes up little space while offering you a holding capacity of approximately 14 belts. It is developed to not only keep your belts organized but likewise can help you tidy your necklaces as well. Say goodbye to twisted necklaces strewn all over your space. Another charm of this hanger is it does not tip or angle to one side however is firmly well balanced no matter how you organize your items.

The belt rack not only offers you strong craftsmanship from its maker, Aristocrat Homewares, however also provides you with a smooth 360 degree swivel action for you to access your belts or necklaces wherever they are placed on the hanger. The belt hanger supplies you with 12 hooks for your routine belts and 2 slots which cater for strong buckle belts. If you do decide to obtain innovative with the slots, you might even discover a resting place for your ties and thin headscarfs on the slots.

This belt rack has actually been made so strong and long lasting that a 2 year refund warranty is in place to back it up. This simply demonstrates how much self-confidence the maker has over their item. To top everything off the item is modestly priced in contrast to what it needs to provide. Modification the whole outlook of your closet for the better with this belt hanger.


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