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Surprise Your Army Veteran with an Belt Rack Closet Organizer

Aristocrat Homewares Offers Special Discount For April 6

Benalla, Victoria. MAR 18, 2015 – April 6, 2015, is Army Day and in order to recognize the sacrifices made by veterans, Aristocrat Homewares is offering a $10 discount off their Untippable Belt Rack Closet Organizer. Creating quality organizational products at an affordable cost, Aristocrat Homewares’ Untippable Belt Rack Closet Organizer  can help Veterans keep their belts and ties organized.

Army Appreciation Day was first celebrated as Defense Test Day, and was observed only twice in 1924 and in 1925. Then the Military Order of the World War under Colonel Thatcher Luquer established Army Day, first celebrated on May 1, 1928. Starting in 1929, it was unofficially celebrated after being changed to April 6, the anniversary date of the United States’ entry into World War I. On April 4, 1936, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an official proclamation recognizing Army Day as April 6 and observed nationwide.  Congress made it official passing Resolution 5-75 on March 1, 1937.


The Aristocrats Homewares’ Untippable Belt Rack Closet Organizer is made from one piece of strong polypropylene which adds to the strength of the product. The only moveable part is the swivel at the top of the hanger for giving the user 360 degree access. With 12 hooks and 2 slots for belts with solid buckles, users can neatly store up to 14 belts. The 12 hooks also provide excellent storage for chains and necklaces as well as thinner scarves.

“I had the ability to utilize the Belt Hanger product,” states an reviewer, Madison Jo. “There are a number of cool features about this item. What I like most is that it is light weight. That really matters to me because you will be adding items to it. I don’t think it would work as well if it were heavy. The hanger fits in the closet just as a regular hanger does. One of the cooler features is that the hanger rotates. You can arrange your items so that they do not overlap. Lastly, you can add scarves or other accessories; it’s not limited belts.”

And for the limited duration of 72-hours, buyers may use the coupon code J5CJ73U2 from April 6 to receive a $10 discount.

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Surprise Your Single Parent Withan Over The Door Shoe Organizer

Aristocrat Homewares Offers Special Discount For March 21

Benalla, Victoria. MAR 14, 2015 – March 21 is Single Parent Day and in order to recognize the sacrifices made by single parents in order to raise their children, Aristocrat Homewares is offering a $10 discount off their Over the Door Shoe Organizer. Creating quality organizational products at an affordable cost, Aristocrat Homeware’s Over the Door Shoe Organizer can help Single Parents keep everyone organized.

National Single Parent Appreciation Day was first celebrated when President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5166, creating it as an official observance. According to the proclamation, ‘before they are eighteen, about half of our Nation’s children will have lived part of their lives with a single parent who strives to fill the role of both mother and father’.


The Aristocrats Homewares Over the Door Organizer contains 24 pockets large enough to fit a male size 13 shoe. It comes with a hanger and is made from a super strong woven polyester fabric (600D Oxford) so it will last. It includes 4 slimline hooks that can hold up to 44lbs and has heavy duty stitching for added durability.  In addition, it is washable and buyers receive a BONUS FREE MICROFIBER CLOTH to help them keep it clean.

“I ordered this skeptically,” states an reviewer, Beth Edwards. “All of the over-the-door shoe organizers I have had before were too flimsy to be useful. They either tore or the shoes fell out with a too-vigorous door closing. I am really happy at how sturdy this is. There are four hooks to hold it on the door, and preventing it from moving from side to side. The fabric is very heavy duty.”

And for the limited duration of 3 days, buyers may use the coupon code LQ6D6EGT from March 21 to receive a discount. It makes a great gift.

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Why a Tie Hanger is a Must for Your House

It is not easy to have actually a really organized house. Specifically for bachelors or hectic working spouses with an other half and kids to look after. While tucking away anything can end up being a practice, it still pays off to have neat closet storage and a home free from mess for you to quickly find whatever you need for the day.

A tie rack is the best option for a hectic bachelor or a working spouse or spouse. It not only assists you locate where the tie is, it helps you choose exactly what tie to go with your outfit for the day much quicker. This will certainly make house organization better too.


While there might currently be a range of tie hangers on the market, the one from Aristocrat Homewares is one of the very best there is. At present, it is only sold on

Aristocrat Homewares’ tie rack is made from ABS Resin Plastic, a very strong product that will certainly last for years. It is truly worth every penny you spend. It is also very balanced. When you hang it there is not the risk of ties falling off, not unless maybe someone bumps into it. It does not matter if you have 5 or 20 ties on it– the rack stays balanced. One of the other advantages of this rack is that it doesn’t needs much space.

You can decide to have this as compact as possible because it can be folded up to take the room of just one small hanger. You won’t find anything like this tie organizer in the market. This is just ideal for small or large closets.

Also, your ties will not fall off because there are clips that will hold all the ties in place. We all know that the ties are made from material that might easily slide from the hanger. With Aristocrat Homewares’ tie rack, your ties will not need to be picked up off the closet floor.

With a 360 degree rotation feature, choosing a tie for the day is much easier. All you have to do is to turn the rack around and select from the neatly arranged ties.

Value for money and having a more organized closet … what more could you wish for?

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A Versatile Over The Door Organizer For Easy Storage

There’s nothing like an arranged space where you can breathe deeply, feel content and move with ease. Most importantly, you know where to discover things as everything is in its appropriate location. A versatile organizer might be all that you have to accomplish this lovely house setting. The # 1 Quality Over the Door Shoe Organizer or Closet Organizer from Aristocrat Homewares is created to meet your needs, more so, it becomes a valued household product which you can customize and customize to your preferences as you wish.


Made from 600D Oxford woven polyester in addition to heavy duty stitching, an MDF board at the top of the hanger and slimline hooks that has a capability of 44lbs, your over the door organizer is particular to serve its function well. It showcases 24 quality pockets that are available in huge sizes. It can store shoes up to a size 13 guys’s tennis shoe, letting you keep all 12 pairs intact and paired with each other. It’s like having a shoe rack but way better since it is a space saver. You can also utilize it to store toys and other items for safekeeping. Use it to have your tools properly categorized for easy reach when you require any of it. It’s more than simply an organizer due to the fact that it helps protects your things too such as your shoes far from being stepped on and as a toy storage for toys to keep them from being broken. Hang it in your garage, dormitory, closet door, kitchen, or take it with you wherever you need it like camping journeys or caravans. You will definitely be mess free and have spic and span location with this fantastic methods of organization and immediate storage.

Aristocrat Homewares is a business that supplies not just the highest quality and the best designs but products that vary and useful too. This product is exclusive to Amazon and features an unique 100 % satisfaction assurance which is not offered by other brand names- a no hassle 5 year service warranty which you will certainly not find anywhere else. You probably won’t be requiring this assurance anyhow since this is one home organizer that is durable and long lasting, and will not just hold the stuff you hold dear, but also provide all your belongings the utmost care, for a number of years to come.

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Aristocrat Homewares Offers High Quality Products at Competitive Prices

Are you facing storage relevant issues in your home? Is your house too small to accommodate all your the stuff? If yes, then Aristocrat Homewares provides you the ultimate and best option to such an issue. The business works with the objective to provide value and quality through its efficient products. The business is committed to offer leading class and high quality products to its consumers. It provides you better Organization & Storage facilities so that you can get rid of every area associated issue. The items provided are correctly tested and investigated prior to they are sold to the customers.


For instance, one can opt for elegant and artistically developed Racks & Hangers so that you can put your Ties on them. Next time, you prepare for your meeting; you do not have to hunt for one. Along with this, you can buy the door hanging organizers which are suitable to hang your Shoes. These organizers include four strong hooks together with a MDF board. The stitching of the organizer is perfectly done and the material utilized in making it is 600 D Oxford. In addition, ingenious hangers for Belts can likewise be bought from the business, ideal to match your style.


The business provides the solution to closet organization which will certainly assist the client position their things effectively and effectively. You get a twelve months or one year duration guarantee with all the items against the problems in workmanship and products. You will certainly acquire 100 % satisfaction from our items and attain highest level of customer service from our company. These reliable products can be bought from, which is licensed by the company itself. So, what are you awaiting? Simply click to understand more about these quality items. Simply click the choice Buy Now’ represented on the web site and you will certainly be connected to the Amazon web site.

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Product Review: Belt Hanger by Aristocrat Homewares

Aristocrat Homewares produces top notch products that you can only get on Amazon. Amongst these is the popular belt hanger that can also function as a fantastic device to organize your necklaces and chains. Offered specifically on Amazon, this product can help you arrange your belts, necklaces and other pieces of jewelry and do away with unnecessary clutter from your closet.

Belt Rack Design

The belt hanger is made from strong polypropylene and is developed to carry 14 belts at a time with its 12 hooks and 2 slots for belts with solid buckles. It’s neat, rounded design allows it to occupy hardly any space, as compared to standard belt hangers that arrange your belts in a row. Its rounded frame is best for keeping belts and necklaces in one small area which is excellent for little compact closets or behind slim doors. The hanger is also designed to accommodate belts with solid buckles with the slots cut into the solid design. For simple gain access to, the rack is developed to rotate 360 degrees, so that you can easily find your belt or necklaces when you require it.


Why Aristocrat Homewares Belt Rack?

This belt hanger is really cost effective but it does not look nor feel inexpensive at all. The design is compact and the material made use of is very resilient, meanings that that you can expect to obtain years of service from this product.

Users have very few problems about the item, and in fact, the Amazon reviews speak really highly of the product.

From one reviewer – “I LOVE MY BELT HANGERS! They are non-intrusive in the closet; clothes and other hangers don’t get caught on the hanger hooks; I can take a belt off the hook without having to remove layers of other belts; and there is a good number of hooks ON BOTH SIDES! The other great thing about the hanger is that the hanger component swivels 360 degrees, making it convenient to access both sides. ”

OrganizeStore your belts with the perfect closet organization solution for your belts, necklaces, chains and scarves and never worry about a mess again.

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