Product Review: Belt Hanger by Aristocrat Homewares

Aristocrat Homewares produces top notch products that you can only get on Amazon. Amongst these is the popular belt hanger that can also function as a fantastic device to organize your necklaces and chains. Offered specifically on Amazon, this product can help you arrange your belts, necklaces and other pieces of jewelry and do away with unnecessary clutter from your closet.

Belt Rack Design

The belt hanger is made from strong polypropylene and is developed to carry 14 belts at a time with its 12 hooks and 2 slots for belts with solid buckles. It’s neat, rounded design allows it to occupy hardly any space, as compared to standard belt hangers that arrange your belts in a row. Its rounded frame is best for keeping belts and necklaces in one small area which is excellent for little compact closets or behind slim doors. The hanger is also designed to accommodate belts with solid buckles with the slots cut into the solid design. For simple gain access to, the rack is developed to rotate 360 degrees, so that you can easily find your belt or necklaces when you require it.


Why Aristocrat Homewares Belt Rack?

This belt hanger is really cost effective but it does not look nor feel inexpensive at all. The design is compact and the material made use of is very resilient, meanings that that you can expect to obtain years of service from this product.

Users have very few problems about the item, and in fact, the Amazon reviews speak really highly of the product.

From one reviewer – “I LOVE MY BELT HANGERS! They are non-intrusive in the closet; clothes and other hangers don’t get caught on the hanger hooks; I can take a belt off the hook without having to remove layers of other belts; and there is a good number of hooks ON BOTH SIDES! The other great thing about the hanger is that the hanger component swivels 360 degrees, making it convenient to access both sides. ”

OrganizeStore your belts with the perfect closet organization solution for your belts, necklaces, chains and scarves and never worry about a mess again.

Check out the Aristocrat Homewares Belt Rack at


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