Surprise Your Army Veteran with an Belt Rack Closet Organizer

Aristocrat Homewares Offers Special Discount For April 6

Benalla, Victoria. MAR 18, 2015 – April 6, 2015, is Army Day and in order to recognize the sacrifices made by veterans, Aristocrat Homewares is offering a $10 discount off their Untippable Belt Rack Closet Organizer. Creating quality organizational products at an affordable cost, Aristocrat Homewares’ Untippable Belt Rack Closet Organizer  can help Veterans keep their belts and ties organized.

Army Appreciation Day was first celebrated as Defense Test Day, and was observed only twice in 1924 and in 1925. Then the Military Order of the World War under Colonel Thatcher Luquer established Army Day, first celebrated on May 1, 1928. Starting in 1929, it was unofficially celebrated after being changed to April 6, the anniversary date of the United States’ entry into World War I. On April 4, 1936, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an official proclamation recognizing Army Day as April 6 and observed nationwide.  Congress made it official passing Resolution 5-75 on March 1, 1937.


The Aristocrats Homewares’ Untippable Belt Rack Closet Organizer is made from one piece of strong polypropylene which adds to the strength of the product. The only moveable part is the swivel at the top of the hanger for giving the user 360 degree access. With 12 hooks and 2 slots for belts with solid buckles, users can neatly store up to 14 belts. The 12 hooks also provide excellent storage for chains and necklaces as well as thinner scarves.

“I had the ability to utilize the Belt Hanger product,” states an reviewer, Madison Jo. “There are a number of cool features about this item. What I like most is that it is light weight. That really matters to me because you will be adding items to it. I don’t think it would work as well if it were heavy. The hanger fits in the closet just as a regular hanger does. One of the cooler features is that the hanger rotates. You can arrange your items so that they do not overlap. Lastly, you can add scarves or other accessories; it’s not limited belts.”

And for the limited duration of 72-hours, buyers may use the coupon code J5CJ73U2 from April 6 to receive a $10 discount.

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