Aristocrat Homewares Offers Special Discount For May

Benlla, Victoria  APR 16, 2015 – May 2015 is National Inventors Month and Aristocrat Homewares thought the best way to celebrate and  recognize the inventive people in everyone’s life is offering a $5 discount off their Compact Necktie Hanger Cross available for use until May 31. Creating quality organizational products at an affordable cost, Aristocrat Homeware’s Compact Necktie Hanger Cross can help inventors not only keep ties and scarves organized, but help them organize other items in an inventive fashion as well.

National Inventors Month is a 30-day long event meant to celebrate innovation and creativity. The first month long inspired event began in 1998 through a joint effort produced by the United Inventors Association of the USA (UIA-USA), the Academy of Applied Science, and the Inventors’ Digest magazine. It’s purpose was to focus a positive light on those who were brave and whose contributions of creativity changed, in many ways, how we live and play. Originally, the celebration took place in August, but was moved to May when the Senate gave agreement to switch the month to be more in alignment with American Academics.


The Aristocrats Homewares Compact Necktie Hanger Cross allows one to hold up to 20 ties or scarves with smooth plastic clips. It rotates 360º degrees making selection easy. It folds into a small, compact unit taking up minimal space within the closet and won’t sag or dump ties onto the floor.

I am really impressed with this simple tie holder,” states an reviewer, Camilla. “It holds twenty ties easily. I have not had to pick up one tie from the floor since using, unlike the hanger I was using prior to buying this tie rack. My husband was also impressed with it and finds it easy to pull a tie off and put it back when he is finished wearing his tie. It stores easily and takes up little space which is just what we needed for our small, shared closet.

And for the limited duration until the end of May, buyers may use the coupon code LIJTYUEC beginning on May 1, 2015 to receive a $5 discount. It makes a great gift.

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Aristocrat Homewares
Benalla, Victoria



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