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Just Released On Amazon – The Compact Suit Hanger From Aristocrat Homewares

Compact Suit & Trouser Clothes



Quality and value top organizational product company, Aristocrat Homewares, wishes to announce the release of their innovative new Compact Suit & Trouser Clothes Hangers With Clips.  The hanger, retailing for $35.99 has been added to their online sales catalog for customer purchase beginning June 15, 2015. To celebrate, they are offering a limited time introductory Grand Sale price discount coupon of $10 off the retail price.

Men, especially, often find that they must either give up quality or affordability when purchasing products and accessories geared towards organizing their closet. With so much to organize between ties, belts, suits and trousers, Aristocrat Homewares has specifically designed all their products with the needs of this special class of customer in mind, offering them products that are true quality at prices that won’t break the budget.

This one of a kind hanger may at first appear expensive, but it will hold one jacket, a shirt or blouse, two pairs of pants, a tie or scarf and even a skirt. Made of durable ABS resin and polypropylene with a premium black finish, it is designed to last and may quite possibly be the last hanger one ever buys. There will be no more need to struggle with carrying three or four hangers in a garment bag.

The Compact Suit Hanger is the only adjustable hanger on the market, it expands from 16.5″ to a full 20″ wide. All that is required is to simply press the lever under the main hanger portion to change the width.  Store entire outfits on one hanger so they’re always ready and to fit much more in even the smallest closet. Suitable for any adult from the smallest frames to the biggest.  No more searching for hard-to-find hanger sizes or settling for stretched or sagging clothes. All buyers will also receive a bonus gift of a versatile, reusable black drawstring pouch.

Aristocrat Homewares products are designed by organizational professionals to meet the discerning needs of everyday users at a value price. Aristocrat Homewares also offers a 2-year no-hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee with their product.

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Best solution for your garden tool rack from Aristocrat Homewares

Aristocrat Homewares Broom and Mop Holder is great for tidying those garden tools leaning against the wall. Put some organization into your garden tools with this great wall mounted holder.


Aristocrat Homewares Offers UK Residents Best-Selling Tie Organizer


Benalla, June 3, 2015 – Aristocrat Homewares is excited to announce that their best-selling Tie Rack Organizer is now available to UK residents through Creating quality organizational products at an affordable cost, Aristocrat Homeware’s Compact Necktie Hanger Cross can help the UK keep their closets tidy.

When it comes to mens wear in the UK, Charles Tyrwhitt is the name to have. With a flagship store on the world-famous Jermyn Street in London – renowned for British elegance, exceptional craftsmanship and luxury shirt making, the clothier also specializes in hand-made ties. These ties come in vibrant colors, classic prints and sartorial stripes, all woven with the finest silk, ensuring these ties hang perfectly and look superb with a formal shirt. And there can be no better way to store and wear them than having the Aristocrats Homewares Compact Necktie Hanger Cross.

The Aristocrats Homewares Compact Necktie Hanger Cross allows one to hold up to 20 ties or scarves with smooth plastic clips. It rotates 360º degrees making selection easy. It folds into a small, compact unit taking up minimal space within the closet and won’t sag or dump ties onto the floor.

I work as a litigation solicitor and have a weakness for buying ties, especially Lorenzo Cana ties,” states an reviewer. “It’s made from lightweight, tough feeling, hard black plastic. The hook connects to the tie hanger on two rotating swivels, so that the rack can be spun around a whole 360 degrees whilst it’s hanging from a clothing rail, and also tilted backwards and forwards. This hanger can hold a maximum of twenty ties, ten either side, and each individual hanging arm is accompanied by a smaller, clamping arm, to hold each individual tie securely in place and to stop it sliding out and onto the floor. This particular hanger is perhaps not as stylish looking as more expensive wooden tie hangers, but it works more effectively than a lot of those hangers, and ultimately I think that functionality is more important than aesthetics when it comes to mundane things like tie hangers.

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Aristocrat Homewares Offers Special Discount For June 1, 2015


June 1, 2015 is Go Barefoot Day and in order to recognize that shoes can easily create piles of disorganization in closets everywhere, Aristocrat Homewares is offering a $8 discount off their Over the Door Shoe Organizer for a limited time of 72-hours. Creating a discount on their quality shoe organizer is how Aristocrat Homewares  is recognizing the Go Barefoot Day.

An unofficial holiday, Go Barefoot Day has its roots in the Tsunami disaster of 2004. The group Soles4Souls began it collecting shoes for those left destitute after the disaster. When the donations didn’t stop coming, they continued the work in other places worldwide. The charity specializes in providing millions of underprivileged children, all around the world, that are in need and do not have shoes, with shoes. Go Barefoot Day is a chance for those with shoes to kick theirs off and live like the other side for a day.

The Aristocrats Homewares Over the Door Organizer contains 24 pockets large enough to fit a male size 13 shoe. It comes with a hanger and is made from a super strong woven polyester fabric (600D Oxford) so it will last. It includes 4 slimline hooks that can hold up to 44lbs and has heavy duty stitching for added durability.  In addition, it is washable and buyers receive a BONUS FREE MICROFIBER CLOTH to help them keep it clean.

Very sturdy, with large pockets, states an reviewer. We live in a cute little vintage 1920’s bungalow with two closets so small they don’t even fit a standard size hanger, so space is at a premium here. We gave up a bedroom as our dressing room. This over the door organizer freed up lots of floor space in that 11×11 space. It fits my husband’s size 13 shoes with no risk of them falling out. The four over-door hooks stabilized the whole thing so it doesn’t sag anywhere, and a shoe dusting cloth was included, very thoughtful addition.

And for the limited duration of 72-hours, buyers may use the coupon code G7PRVMX8 on June 1 to receive a discount.