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Aristocrat Homewares ANNOUNCES GIRLFRIEND DAY Clothes Hangers SALE




Compact Suit Clothes Hangers Perfect Gift with Discount August 1st

Top organizational product company Aristocrat Homewares  wishes to announce a special discount sale on their innovative new Compact Suit & Trouser Clothes Hangers with Clips for Girlfriend Day.  The hanger is retailing for $35.99 and to celebrate Girlfriend Day, they are offering a limited time price discount coupon of $8 off, making it the perfect gift for a special girlfriend.

Created by the social networking site,, National Girlfriends Day, is an “unofficial” national holiday celebrating the special bond one has with their female friends. While some may mistake this for romantic bonds, it was created more for the celebration of the bonds women have with each other through time.

One thing besides friends that women have, is dress suits for the workplace. Whether skirt and jacket or blazer and pants, hanging them together can be difficult and bulky but not with this one of a kind hanger which will hold one jacket, a shirt or blouse, two pairs of pants, a tie or scarf and even a skirt. Designed to last, it is made of durable ABS resin and polypropylene with a premium black finish, This suit hanger is the only adjustable hanger on the market, expanding from 16.5″ to a full 20″ wide. Simply press the lever under the main hanger portion to change the width. Women can free up closet space for more exciting fashions by storing entire outfits on one hanger. Suitable for any adult from the smallest frames to the biggest. Plus all buyers receive a special bonus gift, a versatile and reusable black drawstring bag.

Aristocrat Homewares products are designed by organizational professionals to meet the discerning needs of everyday users at a value price. Aristocrat Homewares also offers a 2-year no-hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee with their product. And for a limited time, buyers will be able to use coupon code DKM5P35G to receive $8 off their purchase.

Valid August 1 – August 4.

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Spoil Your Father-in-Law on July 30, Father-in-Law Day with a Gift from Aristocrat Homewares


July 30, 2015, is Father-in-Law Day and in order to recognize Father In Laws, Aristocrat Homewares is offering a $5 discount off their Compact Necktie Hanger Cross for 72 hours. Creating quality organizational products at an affordable cost, Aristocrat Homewares Compact Necktie Hanger Cross can help Father- In -Laws with their closet space.

On National Father-in-Law Day, people are encouraged to strengthen the other ties in their life – family – and thank their Father-in-Law for his contributions to making the person they married so wonderful.

Although the tradition is changing with global grooms and new marriage definitions, the groom used to and, in some cases, still asks the bride’s father for her hand in marriage. In some villages in India and Africa, he can drive a hard bargain for the price he demands in dowry as the bride’s father.

Mostly, these men, no matter the tradition or marriage arrangement, are grandfathers to their children’s children. They’re the bringers of the candy that mom won’t let them have until dinner, the fixer of broken toys, the corny joke tellers and make the best barbecue.

Honoring them with a gift is a nice way to recognize Father-in-Laws and their importance in the family. The Aristocrat Homewares Compact Necktie Hanger Cross can hold up to 20 ties or scarves with smooth plastic clips. It rotates 360º degrees making selection easy. It folds into a small, compact unit taking up minimal space within the closet and won’t sag or dump ties onto the floor.

“I bought this as a Christmas gift for my son who has more ties and neckties than he can use but refuses to give up any for ‘just in case’ he ever needs that color/patterned tie,” states recent enthusiastic reviewer. “He loved the design and appreciates being able to view each tie quickly instead of having to dig under layers of ties but he wishes there were more slots since this only holds 20 ties. He really liked the clip that holds the tie in place. Only time will tell how sturdy the tie rack actually is since it is made of plastic instead of wood. I’ll be looking for another tie organizer that will hold more than 20 ties.”

And for the limited duration of 72-hours, buyers may use the coupon code LJ2Z372I beginning on July 20 to receive a $5 discount.

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The Travelers Friend– Compact Suit & Trouser Garments Hangers With Clips from Aristocrat Homewares

It’s not uncommon for first time travelers to pack everything they view when they are taking a trip. Despite the fact that their primary objective is to guarantee that they have every crucial product that they need, they could easily overdo it. From electing to bring the clothing iron from home, to packaging face towels for the trip, they do not intend to fail to remember anything that they may require. Though this kind of packing idea could appear to be appropriate, there are some inherent traveling issues. One of one of the most significant is having to by hand transfer everything that they have from one area to another. Which means, by the time the individual reaches their final location, they are normally tired as well as worn out from lugging a lot of products with them. This said, for those which intend to make sure that they have the best taking a trip encounter, one of the first things that they will discover is to take a trip light. Traveling light entails taking advantage of things that can make the journey better. In certain, people must ensure that they are traveling with the Aristocrat Homewares Compact Suit & Trouser Clothing Hangers with Clips.

With this in mind, because it is an one of a kind suit hanger that can be made use of to save area, individuals could load just exactly what they need in a central area. These plastic hangers are likewise incredible for business people which are needed to take a great deal of company journeys, particularly due to the fact that an entire attire can be put on this hanger when they are making preparations to take a trip. For instance, if the individual is planning for a company seminar that will last for a period of 3 days, they could wish to load 3 various clothing to ensure that they could always look tidy and revitalized. With this clothes hanger, the tourist can pack a top as well asand a top layer if required. All which can be kept on three different plastic suit hangers to make sure that they will certainly have 3 full clothing prepared beforehand. With this kind of packing, the person does not have to stress over missing a top lor a bottom because the hanger assists with maintaining every little thing needed completely arranged.

While the Compact Suit & Trouser Clothes Hangers with Clips is perfect for those that do a lot of traveling, this mix is not the only purpose for its total style. In fact, this extensive slacks hanger is likewise perfect for saving wardrobe area in the residence as well as keeping attire apart and prepared to put on whenever they are ready to get out of their door.

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Teddy Bears everywhere will be going to the Teddy Bears’ Picnic on July 10


July 10 is Teddy Bear Picnic Day, a special day celebrated throughout the world, having parents and children enjoy a picnic with their friend outdoors. To celebrate, Aristocrat Homewares is offering an $8 discount off their Over the Door Organizer. Creating quality organizational products at an affordable cost, Aristocrat Homewares Over the Door Organizer can help Teddy Bear owners everywhere with putting Bears to bed when the picnic is over.

The Teddy’s Bear Picnic was originally an instrumental song written by John Walter Bratton which became a popular favorite. By 1932, songwriter James Kennedy added the poetic and evocative lyrics that underscored it as a true hit of children everywhere. In 1988, after climbing the charts successively for many years and being re-recorded as a cover by many artists such as country favorite Anne Murray, Royal Selangor (a small family-run business that has grown into one of the best known pewter brands) launched the idea of celebrating the day as a picnic day for teddy bears everywhere. A great time to unleash one’s inner child.

The Aristocrat Homewares Over the Door Organizer contains 24 pockets large enough to fit a male size 13 shoe. It comes with a hanger and is made from a super strong woven polyester fabric (600D Oxford) so it will last. It includes 4 slimline hooks that can hold up to 44lbs and has heavy duty stitching for added durability.  In addition, it is washable and buyers receive a Bonus Free Microfiber Cloth to help them keep it clean. Not only for shoes, but the pockets make great homes for Beanie Babies, teddy bears and other stuffed animal favorites which may quickly overwhelm a child’s bed, room and closet.

For the limited duration of 72-hours, buyers may use the coupon code NUAM2Y3Z on July 10 to receive an $8 discount.