Aristocrat Homewares Offers Discount on Belt Rack Hanger on Aug 21st

Now available through leading global online retailer, Aristocrat Homewares ( offers the Compact Belt Hanger, one of their innovative home organization products, for a limited time sale discount for Men’s Grooming Day. The Compact Belt Hanger, retailing for $15.99 will have a $5 Discount Promotion.

Founded by Male grooming products company American Crew, Men’s Grooming Day was begun as a campaign to encourage men to proactively manage their appearance.

As a salon owner, I wondered what had happened to the classic male grooming of the ‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s,” stated David Raccuglia, CEO and founder of American Crew. “Barbershops had disappeared forcing men to go to salons that mostly catered to women. I was determined to bring back classic grooming by introducing a cool product line exclusively for men.

One thing that used to complete the well-groomed male was a proper belt. Belt storage can often be bulky and untidy. The Aristocrat Homewares Compact Belt Hanger is made from strong Polypropylene. It is so well balanced that belts and chains do not fall off. Two slots cut into the solid one piece hanger also allows storage of belts with solid buckles. And its unique 360 degree rotation will allow one to find it easy to select a belt or necklace.

We are happy to celebrate Men’s Grooming Day with this discount,” stated a high level Aristocrat Homewares sales executive, “knowing that men are much more appearance conscious than in the recent past.

Aristocrat Homewares offers quality affordable home products that will fit any budget. Through, Aristocrat Homewares offers an additional satisfaction guarantee with their product. This is in addition to the one the company already offered on its own. For a limited time on August 21st, customers can use the coupon code DXO8T2QK for a $5 discount. Valid until August 24th

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