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Special Offer for Escargot Day with a Julienne Peeler and Paring Knife Set

In Recognition of France’s Most Appetizing Export May 24th.



Eaten as food since at least ancient Roman times, restaurants are known to serve about 1 billion snails annually. In celebration, May 24th has been designated as National Escargot Day. The French alone consume nearly 40,000 metric tons of snails each year. To celebrate, McHill Kitchenware is offering a limited time special $10 discount off their Julienne Peeler and Paring Knife Gift Set.

Served six to a plate, they are larger than shrimp and quite filling on their own. Tender Escargot can be served with mushroom caps and smothered with wine sauce and cheese or prepared with an Herb Butter Sauce. The best knife to use to prepare this appetizer is the Julienne Peeler and Paring Knife Gift Set. The high quality White Ceramic Knife is perfect for cutting delicate foods such as snails. It has a super sharp blade which can cut anything in seconds – vegetables, meat, shrimp, breads, and appetizers. The Julienne Peeler and Paring Knife Gift Set makes specialty recipes easy to make and great to enjoy.

“I make a lot of Asian Salads and this Julienne peeler cuts my work by half as it makes beautiful strips,” stated one five Star reviewer on Amazon. “Given to me as a gift, I really appreciate its sharp blades and the bonus paring knife that came with it.”

Created elegantly and delicately for true food lovers, it is one of the few knives carrying a warning label. Made from ceramic, the warning attached refers to use on marble surfaces as it will cut the marble and break the ceramic knife.

The Julienne Peeler and Paring Knife set cuts potatoes, tomatoes, onions, turnips, squash, apples, melons and other fruits and vegetables as well as slicing and dicing mozzarella cheese, blue goat cheese, blue cheese, and parmesan cheese. No one will be able to resist what is cooking in the buyer’s kitchen. Especially the Escargot, which is only the beginning to a fabulous meal, with recipes for preparation going back historically as far as Apicius, the author of the oldest surviving cookbook from the 1st century B.C – 2 century A.D. Actually includes a recipe for snails.

Made out of quality polished stainless steel, the blades will zap through squash and harder vegetable skins with ease. The knife is beautifully crafted with a White Ceramic Blade and a soft easy grip handle. It is perfect for Stir Fries, low carb diets, raw food diets, Paleo diets, and Escargot.

To take advantage of the 72 hour $10 discount from McHill Kitchenware go to and use the coupon code R3U3LO6A from May 23 to May 25


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The complete 4-in-1 Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler and Paring Knife Set

Perhaps you have regarded how easy your cooking may be in case you hold the right kitchen utensil? Cookingis often a breeze and enjoyable if you have the proper equipment to help assist with the numerous tasks available, and in terms of a vegetable peeler none works more effectively compared to the Julienne Peeler.

This kitchen utensil is a great 4-in-1 Metal Potato Peeler will most definitely make your vegetable peeling tasks a delight. Traditionally, peeling vegetables is really a tiresome endeavor particularly when there is lots more to do and because of the precision that this task needs. With the Julienne Peeler however,you’ll probably spend almost no time and energy with this task.

The Julienne Peeler includes a Ceramic Paring Knife, this means one set together will meet your entire kitchen’s needs.Regarding the Vegetable Peeler, it is sharp enough to get througheven toughest of vegetable skins, thus helping you to make your meals as you please, and without an excessive amount of effort or an inconvenience. The good thing with this vegetable peeler it most definitely can function on any vegetable even on fruit, therefore providing you with the supreme flexibility working in your kitchen that you possibly can. You will be able to cook whatever you desire and by using this peeler, cutting prep time in half.



The peeler comes with two side blades, so if you like being creative you can impress guests and family by making better healthier presentations. The effect here is that you simply will enjoy your cooking, and for those who have children, you may even create their favorite shapes and cause them to enjoy healthy meals.

Your kitchen is ideally an area where you should be able to enjoy your time and efforts. If you are looking for a way to make your work easier plus creating better outcomes, you’ll want to consider having the complete 4-in-1 Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler and Paring Knife Set. The thought is to not only ensure that you get to utilize less time peeling vegetables, and also help you to enjoy cutting, slicing, peeling and making meals more pleasant and more interesting for the family. Eating vegetables is healthy nevertheless not necessarily easy, although with the Julienne Peeler and Paring Knife set, your family will like the fruit and veggies on the plates. The set most definitely very reasonable and last beyond others in the market.