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Your ideal belt organizer to your closet the Compact Belt Hanger is a great storage solution

Aristocrat Homewares is proud to announce the arrival of their new Compact Belt Hanger – now available on Amazon

Keeping belts neat and tidy can be a problem.  A lot of belt racks become unbalanced if you don’t store the ties evenly.  This means they can easily fall on the floor of the closet.  Some belt racks can also take up a lot of space, which also can be a problem where there is limited closet space. There are two basic options in the style of belt racks, either wall or closet mounted and hanging. The choice of course depends on a person’s own unique requirements. For many people, installing a wall mounted unit is not an option, especially where space is limited or they are living in a rental property. If this is the case, then the only alternatives are folding the belts in a drawer or finding a suitable hanger.


As part of their range Aristocrat Homewares has included the Compact Belt Hanger which is an interestingly designed belt rack that can hold up to 14 belts. Unlike many belt rack hangers, the Compact Belt Hanger’s design provides a well- balanced unit that will not tilt even if the belts are stored unevenly. This is very important in keeping the belts off the floor.

The 360 degree turn of the hanger makes each belt easily accessible. Two slots cut into the solid one piece hanger also allows storage of belts with solid buckles

The Belt Hanger is black and made from one piece of polypropylene, the only moveable piece is the hanger. As always,

Aristocrat Homewares support this product with a non- hassle FREE replacement guarantee if not one hundred percent satisfied.

#1 Belt Hanger-EXCLUSIVE TO AMAZON-Launches Super Sale

Aristocrat Homewares, October 7, 2014 – #1 Belt Hanger-EXCLUSIVE TO AMAZON-The ideal belt organizer for your closet, the Compact Belt Hanger is a great storage solution and is now ON SALE, with a$5 discount!  This versatile hanger also makes a great necklace organizer for chain necklaces-a space saver hanger that neatly organizes your closet.

The Aristocrat Homewares BEST DESIGNED BELT HANGER:  is made from strong Polypropylene, this Compact Belt Hanger is so well balanced that your belts and chains do not fall off, no matter how many belts or necklaces you have hanging – whether it be just 2 or 3 or the full 14 belts. If you want a belt hanger that doesn’t take up a lot of space, but stores your belts/necklaces efficiently, then this hanger is for you.

Even though this belt hanger is small in size, it is great VALUE.  With its unique 360 degree rotation you will find it so easy to select your belt or necklace. This COMPACT Belt Hanger is small and yet it holds up to 14 belts and many more necklaces or chains. It takes up the space of one small hanger.We also back our product with a two year money back guarantee and FREE SHIPPING WITH PRIME on Amazon. To get this amazing discount, simply apply this code to your Amazon purchase – HA9563J3

Aristocrat Homewares is a small independent company dedicated to finding top quality products designed to solve many of the small storage problems of the home and garage.  All our products are thoroughly researched and tested and all come with a minimum of twelve months guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.  Aristocrat Homewares is committed to providing each of our customers with the highest standard of customer service.

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Getting the Most From Your Chain Necklaces: Protecting and Keeping Your Jewelry

Chain necklaces are all the fashion rage this season. However, just like other kinds of jewelry, they can be a genuine problem to store. Plus, jewelry boxes or storage stands can use up a great deal of room. So how can you address all these storage concerns? How about a simple to use, strong, and affordable hanger? Here, we will certainly discuss our brand new hanger that you can make use of to keep all your chains in one place.

All the Rage … and

Long, flowing necklaces are fantastic. They go with almost any clothing. However have you tried keeping them, lately? Put them in a box and they all get tangled. Tangled chain necklaces can be a pain to try and untangle. Even even worse, necklaces (even extremely pricey ones) can occasionally get kinks in them when you try to work out the knots yourself. Attempt hanging chain necklaces up and they all fall down. Or, even worse, get lost, who understands where. But, finally, our holder for belts and necklaces changes all that. Store at least 14 necklaces securely, quickly, and without getting tangled.


Save Your Most Valuable Items

Each Everyone has that one piece of jewelry that really implies something unique. It might have been a present. Or possibly it when belonged to a loved one. Perhaps it is just a piece you paid a great deal of cash for. It is essential to store jewelry in such a way that will not harm it. With our hanger for your chains, you can keep every one of your necklaces in gorgeous, beautiful condition. No matter the age, length, real value, or emotional value. Most importantly, you can likewise save space when using our handy hanger.

Hang Anywhere!

Our compact belt hanger permits you to store your chain necklaces anywhere. Put them in your closet. Hang them on your doors, even hang one on your wall. You can completely turn it around a full 360 degrees without having to take them down. Quickly and swiftly locate your favorite pieces with none of them getting tangled. Plus, when you purchase this link:–SATISFACTION/dp/B00MO29VCA/, you can take pleasure in totally free shipping with Prime and an extremely low price. You seriously cannot afford to not own one of these if you are a real jewelry lover. Or buy one for a present for the jewelry enthusiast you know.

Presenting the New Belt Hanger: The Perfect Space Option for Closets

Many of us nowadays are having to make do with smaller sized and smaller areas. Or we may discover that our closets appear smaller than we once thought they were. No matter your space needs, our new belt rack can help. However this is not any typical belt rack. Instead, our belt holder for closets can help you to conserve time, cash, and area. And all of us know there is never enough of any of those things. So get even more with our great belt holder.

An Exclusive Offer

Our belt holder is constructed of high quality materials and can hold up to fourteen belts. No matter what kind of buckles each of your belts might have, or exactly what products they are made out of, you can now keep them in the one place. Hang your belts securely and simply on our belt rack. Plus, it takes up only the area of one normal sized hanger in your closet. If you act today you can also enjoy free shipping, with Prime as well as the unique cost of 16.99 for this fantastic item.

Save Time, Cash, and More

Occasionally arising and getting dressed can be a drag. Not just that, however it can take lots more time than you initially anticipated when you are searching for a belt. Our belt hanger for closets alterss all this. Now your belts can be stored in one place. Discovering and selecting one is very simple. Our belt rack is also of a real value because it can assist you to conserve money. Gone are the days of lost, harmed, or misshapen belts that you may just discover after months of being hidden in your closet. Plus, our rate for our belt holder is much less costly than our leading competitor. You can now save time, cash, as well as space!

Get Yours Today

Are you ready to get even more usable space in your closet? All set to create new and amazing outfits in a snap? If so, then it is time you got our unique belt hanger. Discover this item, along with the special offer mentioned earlier, here:–SATISFACTION/dp/B00MO29VCA/. No matter the number of or how few belts you might have, possibilitiesneed a location. And this compact belt hanger for closets is the perfect means to give it to them. Remember, it’s perfect as a gift, too!

Do you have trouble with storing your belts? Do you have to find a solution?

The choices for belt storage are rather restricted. You can save them folded in a drawer, or hanging from a belt rack. Belt racks can be wall mounted or a hanging rack. Which suits you will rely on the size of your closet, whether you rent or own your home and the number of belts you have.


If you are trying to find a hanging belt rack then you should have a look at Aristocrat Homewares Compact Belt Hanger.

This belt hanger supplies a compact solution. It has the added benefits of being well balanced, having sturdy hooks and 2 slots for solid belt buckles and total ease of access with its 360 degree turn.

The hanger can store up to 14 belts.

The Aristocrat Homewares Compact Belt Hanger comes with a two year guarantee.

Get your belt hanger today, and organize your belts.